Tracking down linguistic convergence. Contact languages in Eastern Central Europe

CENTRAL-Workshop 2019

Tracking down linguistic convergence
Contact languages in Eastern Central Europe


Workshop 2 • Prague, 24th–26th Oct 2019 • Kampus Hybernská, room 3D


Day 0 • Wednesday, 23rd Oct 2019

Warming up (facultarily)
18:00–20:00 h Morfologie lexikálních (hlavně substantivních) romismů ve světské češtině

Lecture at Kruh přátel českého jazyka (Lecture Hall 18 at FF UK, nám. J. Palacha 2, Praha 1)

Viktor Elšík
20:00 h–open end Warming up (spontaneous location)

Day 1 • Thursday, 24th Oct 2019

Report and exchange
A. Invited talks 1 & 2
11:00–11:10 h Welcome and introduction to the program František Martínek & Agnes Kim
11:10–12:00 h Not Only Motion: Abstract Meanings of Verbs of Motion in Contemporary Czech (With Some Notes on Slovak and Polish) Lucie Saicová Římalová
12:00–12:10 h Coffee break
12:10–13:00 h Pseudo-coordination Constructions in Czech: The Case of jít Svatava Škodová (FF UK)
13:00–14:30 h Lunch break
B. Informal presentations of the working process
14:30–15:00 h Report 1 Team Vienna
15:00–15:30 h Report 2 Team Prague
15:30–16:00 h Report 3 Team Berlin
16:00–16:30 h Coffee break
C. Briefing in smaller groups
16:30–17:15 h Team session
17:15–18:00 h Focus group session
19:00 h Conference dinner (Get together)

Day 2 • Friday 25th Oct 2019

Cooperation and hands on sessions
A. Invited talks 3 & 4
09:00–9:20 h Slot for internal discussions in continuation of day 1
9:20–10:10 h The (Non-)Grammaticalization of Czech Possessive Resultatives Markus Giger (FF UK)
10:10–10:40 h Coffee and breakfast
10:40–11:30 h Affix Borrowing in Central European Romani Viktor Elšík (FF UK)
11:30–11:45 h Coffee break
B. Short-term and long-term cooperation planning
11:45–12:30 h Agreement on further cooperation

Publishing in SALi and other Czech journals


Eva Lehečková

12:30–14:00 h Lunch break
14:00–14:15 h Presentation of the book Lehnprägungen im Tschechischen und Sorbischen1 Katja Brankačkec
14:15–14:35 h Presentation Focus Group Theory
14:35–14:55 h Presentation Focus Group Variation
14:55–15:15 h Presentation Focus Group Contrast
15:15–15:45 h Coffee break
C. Hands on sessions
15:45–18:15 h Hands on sessions
19:00 h Get together


Day 3 • Saturday, 25th Oct 2019

Feedback and summary
A. Feedback
09:00–11:00 h Exchange of texts and peer feedback
11:00–11:20 h Discussion of working paper 1
11:20–11:40 h Discussion of working paper 2
11:40–12:00 h Discussion of working paper 3
B. Summary
12:00–12:45 h Final discussion and evaluation
12:45 h End of programm

Contact person: František Martínek, Institute of Czech Language and Theory of Communication, Charles University, Faculty of Arts;

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